Being Ethical In The Service Sector

The business world is a highly competitive environment where people try to have the largest profit by providing goods and services. The secret of earning a profit is reducing your cost so that you can sell your services or goods at a higher price. If you choose you can earn whatever income without regarding any moral. However, that is not the way to succeed in any profession.

In the business world too, the service sector seems to be the sector that faces a lot of ethical issues. That is mainly because here they are providing the service only a human can provide. When you are using machinery you can use them in whatever way you choose to use them. Even then without proper care the machinery will not last long. When dealing with humans, you have to pay respect to the fact that you are working with another living being. Taking advantages of them using their difficulties is not ethical.

In order to succeed as a business, especially in the service sector which comprises of a number of services beginning from professional cleaning services, you need to treat your employees in the right manner.

The Hiring Process

In the service sector, there are two ways to hire employees. You can hire inexperienced workers or you can hire experienced workers. Some agencies hire inexperienced workers and help them to gain experience before sending them off to do jobs. From the employees’ side that is a fortunate situation because the company is making sure they get training before sending them into the field.

Being Ethical

Being ethical is a situation which you can see very well in a country like UAE if you pay attention to maid recruitment agencies or elsewhere in that country. Due to the high demand to have household helpers there are companies that support human trafficking so they can earn a better profit. However, that is not the way to operate. A good agency would always be against practices such as human trafficking and would also make sure the foreign workers they hire are treated well wherever they are employed.

Protecting the Employees and the Clients

Being ethical also helps to protect both employees and the clients. If you have hired a worker through the proper channels then as an agency you have nothing to fear. Also, if you are treating the worker well respecting the terms and conditions of the hiring process, then, as a client you have nothing worry about too. If you are the worker, doing the job you promised to do and behaving in a good manner is your ethical duty to the job.

Being ethical is the way a good company chooses to follow.

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