Holiday Traveling

We all love holidays and it’s especially exciting when you get to visit a new destination. You can meet new people, try local cuisine and step into a fresh corner of the world. But traveling can come with its own pitfalls and this article will focus on how to travel safely; surviving with the holiday spirit intact!


Research before traveling

With the advent of modern technology, you can search any area in the world and find out where to eat, stay, acquire transportation etc. Once you have a destination in mind, it’s better to research all the tourist spots in the city and how to get there. When you have a travel itinerary you can map out the shortest and easiest routes, find rest stops in between and places to stay.

It’s also a good idea to learn a bit about the culture, language and the history of the place you go. This will help you avoid cultural faux pas and not stick out as a clueless tourist. A helpful tip is to learn a bit of the language so you can carry out a basic conversation.

Lodging and food

This is also something you can arrange before traveling. There are many sites online that allow you to compare prices, facilities of nearby lodging. You can choose from couch hopping, boarding rooms, hotel apartments in Downtown Dubai, hostels etc. You can also check out customer reviews for the places. Some places come with free breakfast as well. It is usually advised to choose lodging that is close to public transportation systems such as metro, bus and train stations. This will help you get your bearings around the city and save up money.

You can either ask an employee at where you’re staying or simply search for nearby food places that have been recommended by other customers. This way you can hit all the street food joints and experience local flavour.

Pack as little as possible

It’s difficult to drag heavy luggage and bags across busy city streets and on public transport. Pack only what is necessary. This means leaving most of your wardrobe at home. Clothes that is more suitable for wear and tear is better for traveling. The fewer number of luggage will keep you from getting tired easily. It’s also easier to keep your eye on your bags once they are fewer in number. Take some earplugs and maybe a small book with you, or even music. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the new surroundings and it is better to take a deep breath, relax before you dive into the din.

Be aware of surroundings at all times

One of the main drawbacks in popular destinations is the prevalence of crime. Therefore you have to keep an eye on where you go and be wary of people who are overly helpful. Pick pocketing is quite common. Therefore it is advised to keep your money in a secure location, such as a safety wallet within your jacket that is not easily accessible. Keeping valuables in your backpack is not wise as anyone can reach in and steal something without your knowledge.